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Your expert in laminate film

Orbo is also the right place to choose laminate films.

Why laminate films?

Some films must meet the specific requirements such as air permeability, light transmission and water permeability or sealability.

By laminating you combine two films. We use professional laminating machines: they use water-based glue and hardening agent to stick the printing foil to the bottom film.

When you choose Orbo to laminate films you support the environment. All are glues are solvent free so we can reduce our emission values.


Orbo has also a solution for laminate films that cannot be realised double coated: triplex films. Here we laminate a third film during a third process to the two-layered laminate film.

Orbo stands for
  • Flexibility in custom-made goods
  • Innovation (e-beam)
  • Ecological solutions
  • Experienced staff
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