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Our newest opportunity is to perforate packaging films by means of laser. We can laser holes, lines and patterns.

Applications for this are Emap packaging, which allows fruits and vegetables to breathe and thus extends the shelf life. This in turn results in less waste, better quality and new export opportunities.

Larger holes can be applied for venting frozen packaging. The advantage of this is that there are no perforations in the welding zones, no plastic residue ending up in the product and laminates will not tear after perforation.

A third possibility is the Easy opening perforation of laminate films, whereby one of the layers is weakened locally, so that the package can be torn in a straight line when opened.

If you still have questions about one of these applications, we are always at your service.

Orbo stands for
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  • Innovation (e-beam)
  • Ecological solutions
  • Experienced staff
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