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Privacy declaration

Orbo NV is processing personal data in compliance with this privacy statement. For further information, questions or remarks concerning our privacy policy, please contact our Ombudsman’s Service: info@orbo.be.

Processing purposes

Orbo NV is collecting and processing the personal data of customers for customer control and order management (e.g. customer administration, follow-up of orders/deliveries, invoicing, follow-up of the solvency and purposes of direct marketing).

Legal basis(es) of processing

Personal data will be processed based on article 6.1.b (necessary for the implementation of the agreement), 6.1.c (necessary to comply with a legal obligation) and 6.1.f (necessary for the promotion of our legitimate interest in entrepreneurship) of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Transfer to a third party

If necessary in view to achieve the proposed goals, the personal data of the customer will be communicated to other companies of the Accent-group within the European Economic Area which are directly or indirectly linked to Orbo NV or with any other partner of Orbo NV;

Orbo NV guarantees that these recipients will take the required technical and organizational measures for the protection of the personal data.

Retention period

The personal data that are processed for the customer management will be retained for the term that is necessary to comply with the legal requirements (e.g. for the accounting department).

Right to inspection, correction, deletion, restriction, objection and personal data portability.

The customer will always have access to his personal data and can rectify these (have these rectified) when they are incorrect or incomplete, have them deleted, have the processing restricted and object to the processing of these data based on article 6.1 (e) or (f), including the profiling based on these stipulations.

Furthermore, the customer will be entitled to a copy of his personal data (in a structured, accepted and machine-readable form) and have these personal data forwarded to another company.

To exercise the abovementioned rights, the customer will be asked to send an e-mail to the following address: info@orbo.be

Direct marketing

The customer is entitled to object, free of charge, to any processing of his personal data for direct marketing.


The customer is entitled to lodge a complaint with the Commission for the Protection of Privacy (Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels - commission@privacycommission.be).

Cookie policy

1. General

Orbo NV (hereinafter referred to as “Orbo NV”, “we”) mainly uses cookies to improve your browsing experience at www.orbo.be (hereinafter referred to as “Website”). All the data that Orbo NV extracts from its cookies are anonymous and are only used to understand the customer experience on the Website, with the aim of improving the performance and usability of this Website.

Orbo NV is authorised to update this cookie policy by placing a new version on the Website. In this context, it is most highly recommended to check the Website and the page on which the cookie policy is displayed regularly, to ensure that you are aware of any changes. Whenever a new cookie policy is due to be implemented, your permission for the use of cookies will be asked again.

2. What is a cookie?

A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie or browser cookie, is usually a small text file sent from a website and stored in the user’s internet browser or on their device while a user is browsing a website or using a mobile app. When the user visits the same website in the future, the data stored in the cookie can be retrieved by the website to inform the website of the user’s previous activity. Cookies were designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember the status of the website or the activity taken by the user in the past. They help us to optimize your visit to the Website, to remember technical choices (e.g. choice of language, a newsletter etc.), and to display more relevant services and offers. If you wish to consult the Website, Orbo NV recommends that you allow the cookies. However, if you choose not to do so, you are always free not to allow them.

Cookies may include: clicking on certain buttons, logging in or a record of the pages visited by the user, even months or years later. Although cookies cannot contain viruses and cannot install any malware on the guest computer, tracking cookies and, in particular, third-party tracking cookies are often used as ways to compile data from the browser history of individuals in the long term - a major privacy concern that motivated the European and American legislators to take action in 2011. This cookie statement is in accordance with the current Belgian Law (Law of 10/07/2012 confirming conditions with regard to electronic communication, published in the Official Gazette on 20/9/2012).

This Website uses various types of cookie:

• The strictly necessary cookies: as the name suggests, these cookies are strictly necessary to allow you to browse the Website or make use of the Platform or to provide specific functions that you have requested.

• Functional cookies: these cookies improve the way the Website functions by saving your preferences.

• Tracking cookies: these cookies will survive from one user session to another. If the Max-Age of a permanent cookie is set to 1 year, the initial value recorded in that cookie will be sent back to the server every time the user visits the server within that year. This is done to store essential information, such as how the user initially came to the Website. This is why they are also sometimes called tracking cookies. For example, once you have selected the language of your choice, the Website will include your preference in a permanent cookie and save it on your browser. When you visit the Website again after that, the Website will use that permanent cookie to ensure that the contents are displayed in your chosen language.

• Performance cookies: These cookies help to improve the performance of the Website and thus to provide a better user experience. Orbo NV uses Google Analytics, a popular web analysis service offered by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to help Orbo NV analyse how users use the Website. It registers the number of users and tells Orbo NV things about their general behaviour, such as the typical duration of a visit to the Website or the number of pages a user views on average.

• Third party cookies: To support its communication, Orbo NV has embedded its content in social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Orbo NV also makes use of the sharing opportunities on social networks. The channels that Orbo NV uses may contain cookies belonging to these websites that Orbo NV does not control. Please consult the relevant website belonging to these third parties for more information about these cookies.

3. List of cookies that the Website uses

The table below contains a list of the cookies that Orbo NV uses where appropriate and the information they store.

Google Analytics cookies

We use Google Analytics cookies to collect data about your sessions on our website. For more information about how these cookies work, please consult Google’s cookie and privacy statement.





Hotjar cookies

We use Hotjar cookies to analyse information about your browsing behaviour and mouse movements. Please consult the Hotjar cookie policy for more information about these cookies.


Other website cookies

CraftSessionId: We use Craft CMS as our website system. Craft uses cookies that are necessary to make the website function properly. For more info about these cookies please consult the Craft CMS cookie policy.

cookieconsent_status: This cookie remembers the status of the cookie consent pop-up. Duration: This cookie expires after one year.

4. Disable cookies

There are various options available for preventing cookies from being saved. Please visit the websites of the different browsers to find out how you can block cookies. It is good to realise that if you decide to remove all your cookies, you will most probably need to re-enter all your user names and passwords on all the websites you visit, something you never even had to think about previously. As already explained, cookies can be a real benefit to your browsing experience on the internet. If you want to find out more about cookies, please visit the website www.allaboutcookies.org. This website provides more information about cookies, explains in detail how you can remove them and shows how you can allow trusted websites to store cookies on your computer.

5. Contact details

Orbo NV

Hoogledestraat 31b

8610 Kortemark

+32 51 54 10 10