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Laminated films for custom-made packaging film

Orbo has a wide choice of laminated films. They can be used for the packaging of various products: from snacks and frozen food to confectionary and cereals.

A solution for every challenge

Must your packaging meet specific requirements? Our laminated films are the solution. A selection of daily practice:

  • Do you want packaging with barrier-properties? The best combination is the OPP, PE, OPA or PET-film, metallized or not. This protects your product from oxygen or humidity.
  • You need guaranteed scratch resistance? Then we suggest two-layered printing.
  • You go for a striking appearance? The best option is a matte top film.

We listen to your wishes while choosing the combination for your laminated films. The we select the most appropriate composition. We have various options: PP/PE, PP/PP, PE/PE, PA/PE, PET/PE EVOH, PET/PE and so on.

Choose ecological laminated films

We only use solvent free glues to produce our laminated films. This will reduce our ecological footprint.

We also focus on recyclable laminated films, even with barrier properties.

Orbo stands for
  • Flexibility in custom-made goods
  • Innovation (e-beam)
  • Ecological solutions
  • Experienced staff
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